It is the beautiful game that you choose to play

I'm cooking!  Uh, sort of.  But any recipe from "Everyday Food" is deceptively simple.  Damn you, Martha Stewart, you crafty baking felon.  The recipe only calls for blackberries, mascarpone cheese, and puff pastry.  How hard can it be?
Weeeeell, blackberries are not as plentiful as they once were, so I'm using raspberries (and blueberries if I run out of raspberries).
The mascarpone cheese was incredibly hard to find; only Whole Foods had it and it was freakishly expensive.
Same for the puff pastry (but I think I probably could have found it cheaper than I found it at Whole Foods, but I was already there!  It's organic!  Probably.)

The Blackberry Puff recipe was so luscious looking that I've been quietly obsessed with making it for the last few days. 
The pastry is puffed and ready for the cheese & raspberries.  Hypothetically, I could take these to work tomorrow for someone's birthday breakfast but I think some of them will end up in my belly.

You have to be careful with drunken baking as the recipe could go very very wrong.  Luckily this recipe only had three ingredients.  But the puff pastry!  I had to thaw it!  Then roll it!  Then chill it!  Then bake it! 
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Day 2 -- things that make me happy

I set up the Playmobil nativity set that my sister sent to me last night. Benjamin discovered it this morning. It makes me giggle that apparently Roley, from Bob the Builder, has a place at the manger.

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I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

I dreamed I saw St. Augustine,
Alive as you or me,
Tearing through these quarters
In the utmost misery,
With a blanket underneath his arm
And a coat of solid gold,
Searching for the very souls
Whom already have been sold.

"Arise, arise," he cried so loud,
In a voice without restraint,
"Come out, ye gifted kings and queens
And hear my sad complaint.
No martyr is among ye now
Whom you can call your own,
So go on your way accordingly
But know you're not alone."

I dreamed I saw St. Augustine,
Alive with fiery breath,
And I dreamed I was amongst the ones
That put him out to death.
Oh, I awoke in anger,
So alone and terrified,
I put my fingers against the glass
And bowed my head and cried.

--Bob Dylan